Is dogblr an actual thing that exists for like fit/sport/working dogs or is it just a thing for people and their fat pets cause i cant seem to find good people to follow

I was mentioned in the replies of this post and honestly it’s going to depend what exactly you mean by “fit/sport/working dogs” and “good people”. Most of the people I follow have fit dogs or sport/working dogs, but they’re also their pets and have plenty of posts of their dogs just hanging out in the house- just like I have plenty of posts of my dog just hanging out in my house despite him being a fit working dog himself. If you’re looking for posts about training specifically, that narrows the playing field even more, because most of us have stopped posting about our dogs’ training due to the prevalence of drama and people screaming dog abuse whenever they see something they personally don’t like.

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All of these are people with either “fit” or “sport/working” (or both) dogs that I would consider good people to follow. I know for a fact I’ve missed a few but I can’t remember everyone’s URLs on a good day, so I definitely can’t remember them right now.

My dogs aren’t working dogs, but they’re not fat, so. We go on hikes and shit occasionally. Except Evie, who can’t, because she broke her back. We’re working on that. 

Just a pet, yes. Fat and lazy though? Nah. My next dog will hopefully be more suited to doing dog sports than this old man, but for now my blog is mostly reblogs and pictures of Banana around the house. Maybe some biking dog pictures once we build up to longer rides.

I mean, I’m not strictly dogblr but dog sports and training are a huge part of why I have dogs in the first place. I’m in sort of a lull (old retired dog and pup not old enough to be competing yet), but that’s two fit, pre- or post-competitive, well-groomed and healthy Aussies.

Yeah we dont do any sporting though I do have a lot of plans to try dabbling in sporting in a few years when I’m prepared.

That being said, shes definately not a fat and inactive bulldog. We do a lot of swimming and playing and training.

Just a pet 

🤷 my blog is more photography based though.