So I wanna talk about something that is not at all related to my blog but very much related to my job. 

So it’s estimated that over 50% of cats and dogs in the US are overweight and I constantly see people all over the internet talking about how cute fat pets are. 

They are NOT cute. 

Lets say the average person weighs 150lbs and for the sake of this post I’m going to say that the average cat weighs around 10lbs (Could also apply to small breed dogs) , and the dog I’m going to use as an example is a 50lb dog. 

If the example cat (or small dog) here has an extra pound of weight, that is 10% of his body weight. That would be like the average person weighing an extra 15 pounds. 

If the cat (or small dog)  has an extra five pounds, that’s 50% of his body weight, it’s like the average person having an extra 75 lbs. 

A 50lbs dog weighing an extra 10 pounds is 20% of his body weight, that’s like the average person being 20lbs overweight. 

This extra weight puts tremendous stress on the joints of your pet and is especially bad in breeds that are already predispositioned to joint problems and back problems like dacshunds and large-giant breed dogs like german shepherds and great danes. 

The extra weight also leads to intolerance of heat and trouble breathing, which is worse for dogs that are brachysephallic (Have a smashed face, like pugs and bulldogs) since they already have breathing issues. 

Not to mention liver problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, and incresed risk of complication in surgery. 

It’s really easy to tell if your pet is overweight. You should be able to feel their ribs and spine with little pressure. If you look at your pet from above, you should be able to see a relatively defined waist. (this can be harder to distinguish with fluffy pets.) 

Also, it is incredibly common for the feeding suggestions on your pet’s food bag say to feed way too much. So pay attention to the label and see how many calories there are per cup and go from there.