So someone left their dog in their vehicle (parked in the shade, all windows cracked) and people wrote angry notes and left it on there calling the owner an asshole cause the dog was barking. It was 13 degrees this morning and just rained. Of course they posted the vehicle and the notes on fb to show what a terrible owner that person was but like.

It’s not hot out?? The dog wasn’t distressed but had some separation anxiety (and also had strangers peering in at it). IF the dog was having heat stroke, why wouldn’t they call the police or do something about it instead of leaving hateful notes to later post about on fb to shame the owner?

It was definitely not hot out today (I was cold coming back from a long walk) and if a dog was dying of heat stroke, what good does posting about it on fb or leaving angry notes?

I used to take Kilo with me when running errands (except during summer) and he loved it. He would just sleep in my car and no one would know he was there. But people are getting so judgemental about people that do that. Like a dog left in a car suddenly means it’s animal abuse and the owner is terrible and deserves to be shamed all over fb. Some people think dogs should always stay home and anyone that does otherwise is a terrible owner apparently. Anyway. /rant