So someone left their dog in their vehicle (parked in the shade, all windows cracked) and people wrote angry notes and left it on there calling the owner an asshole cause the dog was barking. It was 13 degrees this morning and just rained. Of course they posted the vehicle and the notes on fb to show what a terrible owner that person was but like.

It’s not hot out?? The dog wasn’t distressed but had some separation anxiety (and also had strangers peering in at it). IF the dog was having heat stroke, why wouldn’t they call the police or do something about it instead of leaving hateful notes to later post about on fb to shame the owner?

It was definitely not hot out today (I was cold coming back from a long walk) and if a dog was dying of heat stroke, what good does posting about it on fb or leaving angry notes?

I used to take Kilo with me when running errands (except during summer) and he loved it. He would just sleep in my car and no one would know he was there. But people are getting so judgemental about people that do that. Like a dog left in a car suddenly means it’s animal abuse and the owner is terrible and deserves to be shamed all over fb. Some people think dogs should always stay home and anyone that does otherwise is a terrible owner apparently. Anyway. /rant

There is no excuse for leaving your pet in a car though?? Wanna go shopping? Don’t be a lazy asshole and drop your dog off at home. Even if you’ll just be a minute? Too fucking bad. There is no excuse. Making excuses just let’s other people know it is okay. It might not have been hot today but any other day yes that would be considered animal abuse. Don’t take the side of the idiot, there’s a reason so many people were mad at them.

Do you know how many idiots leave their dogs in cars when it’s “totally not hot” and the dog still gets heat stroke? A lot. It is a hell of a lot hotter in a metal box than it is outside. Even when it rains, it doesn’t cool off inside your car.

Those people deserve the hate, maybe they’ll use their freaking head next time. The last thing we need is more idiots like them doing the same thing. There are no excuses, plain and simple. Only idiocy and ignorance.

Guess it’s just a difference of opinion. I’m against leaving dogs in cars when it’s hot, but when it’s cold out imo they are fine. Dogs in cars isn’t animal abuse, dogs in cars when it’s hot is. Maybe it depends on where you live, but in cold weather here in Canada it definitely doesn’t get hot in a car. In summer it definitely is too hot, but our summer heat has been over. I wouldn’t leave a dog with separation anxiety in a car though.

My dog loved coming with me when I was running errands as I’d usually use it as a training opportunity for socializing as well (going to pet friendly places). It just takes using common sense on knowing when it’s too warm for that. It’s not summer here anymore.

I take Tyson out and leave him in the car when it’s 50 degrees F and below. He LOVES coming places with me, and if I’m running into the grocery store for milk or I can see him from the window of the store, it’s just a super fun experience for him and usually we’ll go to the pet store right after. I feel like it’s gotten to be such a hot button debate lately :/

Now this might be a controversial opinion, and I’ve been criticized for similar ones in the past, but I feel like if one can’t distinguish between leaving an animal in a car on a hot day and on a cool day, and can’t independently evaluate the risks of a situation, then maybe the question should be whether one is really fit to take responsibility for another living creature.

We take the dogs with us on shopping trips sometimes, because it involves multiple hours of driving and they get to come somewhere new rather than stay at alone at home for a whole day (and then not get walked because we’ll be exhausted.)

Common sense is both legal and free.

I know Kilo would’ve rather been in the car rather than sitting at home waiting for me to go back. He was literally on his deathbed when he heard me grab my car keys and he tried to get up to come. That was the morning he died and was so weak he wouldn’t otherwise raise his head. It was incredibly sad.

Before I became a dog person I never understood why people took their dogs everywhere. I was one of the “just leave them at home!” people until I had Kilo. I also regret keeping him at home so much the first couple years I had him, that did him no favour for his training and socializing.

Like any other part of dog owning, you have to apply some common sense. If it’s hot out, or even warm and sunny, leave them home. Just like if it’s hot out don’t walk them on pavement to avoid burning their paws. That doesn’t mean don’t walk them on pavement at all.

I understand the concern for dogs left in hot cars. I just wish the general public could evaluate whether the dog is actually in distress from heat. Somehow “don’t leave dogs in hot cars” turned into “don’t leave dogs in cars”. Leaving a dog in a car for a short while on a cool day shouldn’t subject the owners to public shaming and hate.