Health Testing is the MINIMUM you should look for when searching for dog breeders. Even companion bred animals should be health tested for their respective breeds/breed types if you intend to breed them. It is the MINIMUM.

There are lots of people who tell me I have high standards for expecting this out of breeders. It is NOT a high standard to expect the dogs be tested to be free of preventable breed disease and orthopedic issues. Health testing is NOT a clean bill of health from a veterinarian. The dog should already be healthy from a veterinary standpoint.

Properly health testing a dog is not cheap. A breeder who is committed to their animals knows this and is fine with the cost, a good OFA result is another indicator of the quality of the dog. A poor breeder sees that initial cost and decides it would be a “loss of money” on top of the normal welping/puppy raising costs to add on health testing. Neither is cheap, but a poor breeder is looking to make it cheaper.

A good breeder is HONEST with their health testing results. It will be on that dogs individual page (if they have a website) clear to see and easy to read. A good breeder has nothing to hide.