tell me how you chose your dog!

I’ll start

I had spoken to her breeder on the phone about adult dogs she was looking to place. She told me about a couple males, and told me she had to think about which females might work with my family/lifestyle. So I show up expecting to meet Kooza, a five year old male who they had recently retired from showing and breeding.

I met Kooza, he was a good dog but we didn’t really connect. And then, she brought out the puppies.

Her husband walked outside with a dog under each arm. Buffy (~9 months) and Kitsi (~1 year) ran excited circles around us. Buffy ran into a bush, and came out covered in burs. We went inside, and Buffy let me help pick the burs out of her fur. I sat on the floor and she ran back and forth across the room, occasionally jumping on my lap and licking my face.

And that’s when I realized that she was my dog.

She didn’t come home for another three months but she was worth every second of the wait.

I was looking for a GSD at the time but happened across this ‘free’ ad on Kijiji for dog stuff. Chain link kennel, XL crates, bed, etc if you took the 1 year old shepherd too. I was basically just interested in the shepherd part lol. We called, basically found out where they were, drove the 1 hr + at like 9pm at night since someone was coming the next morning to meet him but the owners felt like we were a better match. Didn’t get much info beforehand so had no idea what Kilo was going to end up being like. It was dark, could barely see Kilo, but decided to take him home. He was super playful, pouncing on shadows, trying to play with the cat while he were talking to the owners, who only had him for a month (they were involved with rescue but were moving). I remember Kilo sat on my feet while we were talking, and jumped right up into our truck when it was time to go. He didn’t whine or cry or anything the whole way home, and would give my dad a couple kisses on his ear as we drove home. He settled in right away.

With Bjorn, I thought I was going to wait for a fall litter and was talking to a couple different breeders. Realized it would be really hard to wait esp with the loss of Kilo, ended up expanding my search to Ontario. I was seriously considering a puppy from a well known kennel there but couldn’t really decide if it was the right time, or what I should do. I held off as I thought it should feel right, and I didn’t have that with those litters. Happened across a FB post of Bjorn as he became available and something about him just felt right, so I contacted the breeder. Originally he was to a ‘working home only’ so I didn’t think I’d end up with him, but I ended up chatting with the breeder more and she learned more about my lifestyle and he ended up getting shipped out to me. Health was most important to me so I talked to the breeder a lot about his linage beforehand. Longevity, any known cancer, etc. 

Picking up Bjorn from the airport, our first meeting. He ended up being everything I wanted.