How much does it cost to feed your dog?





What do you think is a reasonable amount to spend per day/month/year?

I recently calculated that if I was to buy the food I’d like to – Ziwi Peak – it would cost me about $1460/year, or about $4/day. By contrast, the brand I bought this month – Meals for Mutts – works out to only about $470/year and $1.30/day.

Ziwi Peak is definitely the higher quality food, but I don’t personally think that Meals for Mutts is a third of its quality. The price difference is pretty massive.

It made me think that maybe I am being stingy. $4/day doesn’t seem like a lot? But then I think about the extra food products I buy for enrichment and training, which would bring the total up. Not to mention that my dog is 1/8th my size and I definitely don’t spent $32/day on myself for food, which would be the equivalent.

How do you decide what you are willing to pay? How does quality factor into it?

Thanks to everyone who has responded so far.

I would just like to make clear that this post was not an exercise in judgment or shaming. I don’t care what people feed their pets, I am just interested in the thoughts behind it and comparing costs! It helps to broaden my thinking about my own dog and decisions I make for him.

I feed Acana, switch varieties every month, it costs me between 1,600-1,700 a year to feed my three. Not counting treats and chews. 😬

I feed Fromm lamb kibble bc he does best on it and I try to feed raw as much as I can afford. I agree my cat is the expensive one as she is raw/wet food only 😂 I’m not sure exactly how much I spend but kibble at least $40 a month

I don’t have exact numbers so this is approximate.

$100/month beef grind

$40 every two months or so chicken backs and feet

$20 ish month organs

$100 ish various premade raw

That’s just for Bjorn but I luckily get premade raw at cost, and also get free food for Lola through staff feeding program (she’s currently on honest kitchen and FirstMate) which helps a lot.

I also buy supplements ($50 Nupro, $40 Feedsentials, $21 hemp/fish oil) but that lasts over a month

Soo I’m on track on spending over $3k per year on him 😬 but he’s eating a LOT as a puppy right now and I’ve been feeding other types of meat to get some variety while he’s young that I don’t normally feed which is making it cost quite a bit more. This is approximate as it usually carries me over a month but I haven’t number crunched exactly how much per month yet.

I also have been buying lots of bully sticks and chews to keep him occupied so that’s been pretty expensive even with a discount. That probably factors into the premade cost as I just look at what I spend at the store per month approx but haven’t broken it down yet.

A couple of years ago I would’ve thought spending this was way too much but after losing Kilo so young I’m a bit obsessed with making sure Bjorn gets a good start to life. He was eating a lot as a pup as well. Hopefully the cost will stabilize a bit haha.. I basically work to feed my dog 😭

Kilo used to cost approx $130 a month to feed