A day late, but Happy Halloween!

Be careful out there in the fog.. you never know what you might find 👻 🎃

I took this last week up in the field. It was SUPER foggy and I was trying to get photos of Bjorn with the (fake) severed leg before he wrecked it. I suddenly heard voices coming towards us. I very rarely run into people up there especially so early in the morning and I could just imagine how it would look if Bjorn suddenly appeared through the fog with a severed leg in his mouth 😂 I ended up moving further away and was able to keep my dogs with me (though the other people’s dogs came over to say hi; another GSD and a husky pup). I never saw the people and thankfully they never saw what I was doing so I didn’t have to try to explain that I wasn’t trying to hide a body or something 😂

Amazing edit by @jaclyntanemura thanks for making it spooky 👻