Oh my gosh Bjorn is so beautiful! Also I have …

Oh my gosh Bjorn is so beautiful! Also I have a question lol. I had a lady at a dog show tell me that the show style GSD bowed/slanted back is a good thing and it's better than straight backs and I personally don't believe her but what is your opinion on the whole bowed back with GSDs? She also gave me this long explanation but I gotta find a text that I wrote it down in so I could tell you her side if you're curious

I am curious to hear her reasoning behind that! I find that people (esp breeders) that use sloped/slanted/straight back type of terms don’t really know what they’re talking about. For example, a lot of people see a photo of a stacked GSD and think it’s back is sloped, but it’s just the way it’s standing. As seen here, it shows the same dogs standing vs stacked.

I find most people claim that ‘straight back’ GSD’s are better/healthier but haven’t come across anyone saying the opposite so I am curious to hear why. Lots of people mistakenly think dogs they see with a ‘sloped’ back have hip problems but that is a myth and you won’t know if a dog has hip issues without xrays.

There’s also the issue of GSDs with extreme roach backs/angulation. I like seeing some angulation but not bred to the extreme. From what I’ve read angulation is supposed to help them be able to efficiently cover long distances at a trot (as they are a herding breed)  but with too much angulation they lose strength in the forward thrust. Roach backs can impede movement. As with most breeds/animals some have bred for the extreme. 

I guess it comes down to opinion with some people. Some people prefer the showlines, others prefer working line, etc. Some people like the extreme look, others don’t. Anyway I hope this made sense, I’m kind of out of it atm. If you have her reasoning I’m very curious to hear it! It’s kind of vague IMO when people use the terms ‘sloped back’ or ‘straight back’ as I don’t know if they mean the extreme versions or like many don’t realize that a dog can appear more ‘sloped’ when standing in an extreme stack vs standing ‘normal’ as pictured above.