Got woken at 1:30am last night to my mom saying our neighbours house was on fire. Ran to the window, saw a faint orange glow through the trees. Ran downstairs to go outside and it was a huge orange glow. The house went up in flames so fast it was so scary. It looked like it was totally engulfed in flames. The smoke was blowing across the road so we weren’t able to go around the house to see if they got out.

It took a couple hours but the firefighters got it out. We ended up going back to bed (though I got zero sleep) not knowing if our neighbours made it out. I’ve never seen a house fire up close like that. They had a little American Eskimo and cat 😞

We finally were able to talk to a security guy that morning. Thankfully our neighbours got out but their pets didn’t. It all happened so fast. Like within me running downstairs, throwing pants and jacket on, the house was totally engulfed in flames. I spent the whole night feeling sick at the thought that they didn’t make it out.

House fires are so scary. Everything is so flammable and you only have minutes to get out. It’s hard to prepare for that sort of thing to save your pets; you can teach a solid recall but in a life and death situation like that?Idk the whole thing was terrifying.

I was helping my neighbour find a new food for her dog like a week ago. Things happen so fast.

People are quick to judge when pets get left behind but unless you’ve been in their shoes and have seconds, maybe minutes if you’re lucky, to get out of a burning house like that you don’t have time to find your pets if they are hiding. It’s horrible and hard to imagine unless you see it happen. But don’t be that person. A little compassion goes a long way.