Pets and Low-Income People.


Pets are expensive and if you can’t afford one, of course, doesn’t get one, but the conversation shouldn’t end there. We need to help low-income people be able to keep their pets somehow. Landlords being more open to them is a start, but also financial aid for pet food, vet care, etc. 

Yes, I do think we should have financial aid programs for low-income people with pets. I’m tired of this rhetoric where we just scream at poor people for wanting a dog instead of finding ANY ways to help them keep one. 

I get what you’re saying, but why do we just END it there? 

I am currently living in a place where we are allowed to have our dog so although I’m not in a rush to move, I’m finding it very difficult to find ANY apartments in my entire town, and the surrounding three areas that accept animals. In my opinion, this is a problem. This does not help animals get adopted, it’s assisting in the issue of animals being surrendered to shelters in the first place, which is what I am getting at in my post. It would be helpful to renters and animals if more landlords were accepting of dogs.

Big ones are so often denied a home. This is an ongoing problem and it being so widespread is only contributing to animals being surrendered to shelters. Choosing to stay where I am despite wanting to move is a choice I have to make, thankfully it’s a choice that I am ALLOWED to make. Not everyone gets so lucky, and there are plenty of situations where animals wind up having to be surrendered, it’s not a choice people make eagerly. This hurts low-income people the most, who have to choose between their family pet, or having a roof over their heads. Now before you jump on my post accusing me of telling poor people to get pets, you’re wrong, that’s not what I’m saying at all so slow down and re-read it. 

Bottom line: We need more pet-friendly housing and a program for low-income people to help with food, vet-care, medication, and other things they might need. We should point people towards these programs instead of shouting them down if they so much as THINK about owning a dog while being low-income. Some people have pets but need a little help from one month to the next with food or medication, and accidents/emergencies happen. We would have more houses, and better, happier homes for people and animals if we implemented these policies.