@wyrddogs people REALLY don’t consider the cost of Schutzhund enough as a factor in why young people aren’t joining! Even if you aren’t doing seminars and privates, club fees alone get expensive. And most people don’t have clubs in their backyard. A lot of people have to drive multiple hours oneway to a club. And driving that far can be really difficult to do regularly when you’re working a job with a fluctuating schedule, as so many young people are.

At my last job, all I did most weeks was work and train. That’s all I had time for! And it was still really hard when I had only small windows of time at home and was exhausted most days. It was super irritating during that time to see IPO people say young people who aren’t surmounting the obstacles blocking them from the sport just don’t want it bad enough. Especially when most of those people didn’t get into IPO till they had disposable income and more free time. I kept doing IPO, but it really limited me, and I totally get why other people couldn’t under similar circumstances, or wouldn’t be willing to.

I know a lot of those barriers aren’t going anywhere. Clubs need some base revenue. You can’t change physical distance. Seminars and privates are always going to cost money. Shitty jobs are always gonna be shitty jobs. But it would be nice if people would recognize these glaringly obvious barriers instead of creating another one by assuming the worst: an unfriendly environment. Occam’s Razor, yknow?

@justslowdown that makes me sad 🙁 I’ve heard experiences like that from several people. It seems like most people have at least a couple IPO horror stories 🙁 and it sucks how some people will just brush aside nasty experiences stories with “IPO isn’t for the weak” and “who wants people that sensitive around anyway.” It’s bullshit.

@twobigears Bitework just brings out the worst in a lot people. Or maybe it attracts some really shitty people. Splitting hairs! Idk if IPO is dying AKC OB style or not. You hear one thing then you hear another. But the attitudes some of its competitors cannot be helping. Some of these people seem like they WANT to deter newcomers so they can feel more elite and special. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Another trainer has a $75 evaluation fee, but doesn’t even mention training costs, (Almost always a sign they’re $$$.)

I think people should be paid for their time, but I think you’re right, old timers don’t get that young people are just flat broke a a lot of the time. Thinking back to just my basic ass dog classes, there were maybe 3 people out of 30+ that were under 40.

This is a huge part of why I didn’t start attending a club till a few weeks ago and have just done Happy’s stuff with training partners. I probably didn’t progress as quickly as I could have with coaches, and our stuff probably doesn’t look as nice as it could, but there’s just no way I could afford those kind of fees. The club I’m attending right now is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than that, or else I wouldn’t be able to afford it either.

Re your tags I bet you have to pay the yearly fee as well as the per session fee. Most clubs I’ve seen seem to be that way 🙁 I get the club needs revenue and the helper deserves compensation, but it’s hard for a lot of people to swing.

At the end of the day you can waffle through tracking alone. You can scrounge up makeshift equipment and waffle through obedience alone. But there’s no getting around needing a helper if you want to compete in all three phases. And unless you have barterable IPO skills (which new people don’t), you almost always are gonna have to pay $$$. If I only had the option of clubs with high prices I’d just forgo club entirely and do infrequent private lessons, or not do protection. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Bringing this back cause I’m curious what are typical yearly fees people pay? I’ve never joined a club before so I have no idea haha.

The club I was looking at (Schutzhund) has one time initiation fee of $250, annual is $150, and $120 annual for the GSSCC. Or first three visits free and $20 drop in after that. It’s not too bad; it’s only about 2 hours away but I just couldn’t get the days off work consistently enough to get into it esp since I’m not making much. (esp including travel time, gas time etc. They train a couple times a week I think).