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He isn’t a fan of the rainy cold weather 🌧☔️

He isn’t a fan of the rainy cold weather 🌧☔️

Swamp dawgs

Swamp dawgs

“Dude, you are cooler than a vintage cassetteIt’s just…

“Dude, you are cooler than a vintage cassette
It’s just that no one else but me thinks that yet
You’re just a nothing in this high school scheme
But it’s no big, ‘cause you and I are a team”

“ You’re whole lotta crazyI think you like it tooBut let…

“ You’re whole lotta crazy
I think you like it too
But let me tell you baby
I’m so crazy for you
So lose your mind, you psycho
I think I like it too
I gotta tell you baby
I’m so crazy for you”

“We go together,Like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga…

“We go together,
Like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong
Remembered forever
As shoobop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom
Chang chang changitty chang shoobop
That’s the way it should be, wha ooohhh”

I see you shiver with antici……

I see you shiver with antici……



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hey dogblr

how did y’all choose your dogs names?
i named charlie after the character from lost lmao i’m a nerd

I haven’t got a pooch just yet, but I want to name it Harlow after Al Harlow, the front man of the band Prism. Because Prism is awesome and I’ve met Al and he’s the nicest person ever.

I really struggled with Roma. I wrote a list of different names down but none seemed to suit, so in the end it was just shortened from where she came from – Romania. I think it kind of suits her though.

Jak we just kept his name from the rescue centre, as he responded really well to it.

Im keeping a list of names for both genders to prepare ? But its all fairly random stuff that I like the sound of. Ren, Juniper and Wander are at the top of the list at the moment.

Mango initially belonged to my boss on paper, but me in reality. Which meant we had to agree on a name. We were not particularly known for agreeing on much (unless we had to). We spent the two weeks before she came home yelling names at each other which the other would veto. Eventually a friend suggested Mango, because we had lots of Mango trees on the property, and we agreed, most likely because someone else had come up with it.

Ciara is a family disagreement. Me and my brother know Italian and she was a very light colored puppy, so we said Chiara as in light colored. And my mom was like but they’re gonna call her CHi-ara like chihuahua. And it’s supposed to sound like Key-ara. My dad said to just call her Kiara, but it’s not the same. She got sick a day later and I was freaking out at the vet’s office bc i didn’t want her to die and I didn’t want her to be called CHI-ara. So I omitted the H from her name…. and was perfectly okay with it until the vet tech was like. “See-ara…” and then I knew I messed up.

Sadie was originally Quinn according to the shelter. We all didn’t care for the name. Sadie was one of the first names my mom tried after we adopted her and Sadie responded to it right away.

Rodney’s shelter name was Torrence (yuck). When I saw him at the pet adoption show, I told my mom his name was Rodney (after the guinea pig in Doctor Dolittle bc that was one of my favorite movies when I was younger.) And it stuck! My mom tried so hard to change it but I got my way ?

Bosco came with the name his original family gave him. We tried to change it…even tried Rosco(e). But nothing seemed to really stick. So Bosco he stayed. But he also responds to Bean or Scooby so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Rylee we spent forever trying to name. My family could not agree. Most on the part of my dad who turned down every name we suggested. For 2+ weeks she was referred to as Puppy or Pittie (Baby) lmao. I think my mom suggested Riley and we all liked it, but wanted a different spelling so we chose Rylee.

With Baylee we wanted something close that ended in a -lee sound to match Ry’s. Decided to go with Bailey but spelled Baylee bc matchy matchy lmao.

Before Rufous came into the picture and we were just starting to look for a new puppy, I half jokingly suggested Rufus as a name. My mom was like “haha yeah I kinda like that name! I’ve always wanted a scruffy dog named Rufus.” Aaaand then we got a little curly bab and my mom was pretty set on naming him Rufous. We decided to add the o to be ~different~ …also bc that spelling is derived from the meaning of “red” in Latin and is used as an adjective in the names of animals (ex. Rufous Hummingbird)!! So kinda fitting bc he was a reddish brown lil chicken nugget!

Also since Rodney our dogs have gone back and forth between R and B names…Rodney, Bosco, Rylee, Baylee, Rufous… Not really intentional at first, it just kinda happened that way lmao. Now it’s just a nice pattern. Might break it in the future but who knows!

Future Puppy will have an R name to go along with Baylee (since she’s my personal dog)! Future Puppy’s name is a bit of a secret/surprise for now though. 😉

Hesper’s breeder name was originally Diesel. I wanted something to kind of fit with the theme because I thought he looked like he had been dipped in an oil slick or a tar pit, but Diesel was too common for my liking. So, I started looking for dinosaur names and found that the first canidae species that was in North America was called Hesperocyon, so I took Hesper from that. 

Virtue is named after the order of angels as a homage to my first dog, which was Seraph. Since Virtue is Seraph’s sibling, I wanted to stick with the angel theme. I was debating between Malakhim and Virtue, and decided to go with Virtue since I just liked it better. 🙂 

Before Duma was born I was thinking of names for the upcoming puppy, I was thinking thinking thinking, then I came across a movie called “Duma” watched it, and loved it. Loved how the name sounded, loved that it was short and simple but also unique, and so her name is now Duma.

I had a whole other name set and decided because I knew for sure I was going to get a blue male.

When I was instead offered this little tri bitch I had to start thinking. I’m a sucker for history and geographical names tend to sit really well with me, and originally I was going with Troja (Helen of Troy sort of deal) but my sister kept insisting it’d be Troika. And I’m not funny enough to have a tricolour named Troika. 

And so Sparta it was. Within the first five minutes of meeting her I watched her tackle her larger brother to the ground by his throat, so she earned it just fine. We call her Spartacus. Her registered name is LMS’ Villa Medusa, so the greek theme worked out, too!

Rosie the APBT was simply registered as Rosie, and it fit her so I didn’t change it. No huge story with her.

Remy was originally Patrick (his NALC papers have him as Patchwork Patrick), but I hated the name. I wanted an X-Men theme so he was changed to Gambit – until I figured out he wasn’t brave enough for Gambit to fit, so he simply became Remy. His AKC registered name fit in with Gambit/Remy as Up The Ante.

Rogue was originally called Ink. Her breeder rarely names the puppies but he was always yelling at Rogue and had to call her *something.* I changed it to Rogue to keep in with my X-Men theme but she decided to take the name literally. Her registered name is Counting Stars after the OneRepublic song because her litter theme was all song titles (Kysarah’s Rolling Stone is her sire and the litter was co-bred with Symphony GSDs).

Castiel is obviously named after the angel in Supernatural. His nickname at the breeder is “Green Bean” (originally “Cloud” but breeder decided Green Boy was a better fit for my needs). His registered name is On The Side Of Angels to tie into his litter theme of Sherlock Holmes (the quote “I may be on the side of the Angels, but don’t think for a second I am one of them”) and to fit in with his call name of Castiel.

Charlie is named Charles Xavier like from the X-Men pretty straight forward.

Murdock is named for Matthew Murdock AKA Daredevil- The Man Without Fear, so he is The Dog Without Fear. His litter was the A litter so to keep in the theme of Marvel Comics he is Avenger vom Dakonic 🙂

thatdumbevanhansenkid: I bought them matching outfits ?


I bought them matching outfits ?

“Find the bad guy, push him aside Then move on forward…

“Find the bad guy, push him aside
Then move on forward with your friend at your side
It’s a two-player game, so when they make an attack
You know you got a brother, gonna have your back!”