Category: hopefully can get him to eat


Welp that was awful. I didn’t think Kilo would make it through the night. He was so weak and lethargic. The colour returned to his gums but he was so wobbly and exhausted. I couldn’t figure it out at first, he seemed restless when I tried going to bed. He would stand there looking totally out of it and didn’t want to lay down. I even set myself up to sleep next to him on the floor but he kept seeming to want to get up. I realized he kept looking at my bed and he wanted to sleep there like he does every night. My bed is so high it was too hard for him to try to climb up (even using my ottoman as steps as he has been) but I got him to stand next closer to my bed and I managed to pick him up and put him on my bed. Kinda impressed with myself for that one tbh I’ve never picked him up so well before he’s always been too heavy for me haha. But he settled down as soon as he was on my bed with me and tried to sleep right away.

So now I gotta figure out how to get him off my bed again.. I might have to get someone to grab the car ramp. I don’t wanna stress him by trying to carry him cause he hates it. It was terrible last night though. He would look at me and then try to lay down on his side but wasn’t able to move his head out of the way and woukd awkwardly flop over with his nose in the way so he’d land with his head bent awkwardly. I honestly thought he was going to die any moment. I watched him breath for so long.. and sometimes waking up to make sure I could hear him breath..

I’m still in bed trying to figure out how to get him off my bed safely. Hopefully he will have a bit of an appetite this morning. Last night he had zero appetite. Though he got up and tried to come over when he heard me feed Lola, but when I offered his food he turned away. The only way I got him out of my car was offering his food dish with treats though he didn’t end up eating any. Poor guy knows what he wants but his body doesn’t want the same 💔