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Today went well. I went to the holistic vet to pick up the supplements. I’ve never been to that clinic before but it’s very nice (several dogs inside just hanging out including the vets own shepherd that was bigger than Kilo) and the girls there all love shepherds and were very helpful.

After that we went to see our regular vet who hadn’t seen Kilo since this all started. We were going to same clinic but had a different vet on this case since my vet wasn’t on the night we had to go in. Anyway he was very helpful explaining everything and answering our questions. He explained that it’s a very peaceful way for Kilo to go (the ultrasound specialist made it out to sound like it would be this traumatizing event that he would be suffering and that we should’ve put him down right then and there). He examined kilo’s belly very thoroughly and explained he couldn’t feel any masses and could hear the liquid sloshing around so it’s not to the point of causing him pain but if it does get worse (and his belly will feel hard in that case not squishy like it is) he can come back here and they can drain it. He also said Kilo can still run and play and do stuff like that and told me the signs to watch for if he has a bleed or if it’s his time.

Overall it was a very informative appointment, he said we are doing a good job and doing everything good we can. And explained the signs to show what will happen if Kilo does start to be in pain.

I don’t know why the ultrasound vet was pressuring us to put him down asap and that he would be suffering and it would be this horrible death basically. We feel a bit better about it now and with the symptoms he shows now we know he isn’t in pain or suffering. I am so glad I decided to get that consultation with our vet he is so good about explaining everything. He was glad to hear I had gone to the holistic vet simply because he isn’t very familiar with what she is starting us on.

Kilo did really good despite being in the car for the hour drive there and back to the holistic vet. It was like a torrential downpour today so it’s flooding places so we took the jeep and luckily had the car ramp so he isn’t jumping in and out.

May 8, 2018

May 8, 2018

This past week hasn’t been easy. From getting the worst diagnosis and having the vet say to put him down. The days following that, trying to accept that Kilo could go at any time and seeing him so tired. Doing all the research I can on ways to make him feel better to at least give us some time. It’s shocking to go from having so many tests come out good: Abdominal ultrasound, abdominal xrays, bloodwork x2, urinalysis, fecal, ECG. Chest xray showed slightly enlarged heart but no mass. The past month I was worrying about Congestive Heart Failure, not even thinking of Hemangiosarcoma. I thought something like that would’ve shown signs in the other tests. So going from having a very healthy and active dog, to a dog with potentially heart issues that would shorten his life, then to hear that he is dying and all I can do is euthanize him asap was really hard.

I have spent the last week connecting with many other dog owners that have dealt with this horrible cancer. Reading their stories, researching their suggestions. I know there is no cure, or even treatment that will work but so many of them have had their dogs far outlive the prognosis the vet gave them. The best I can hope for is having more time where he isn’t uncomfortable or in any pain. He’s having his good days, where he is happy, playful and his normal self with a good appetite. To his worse days, where he is tired and just wants to rest. So far his worse days aren’t too bad, but it’s hard to figure out what to do. I don’t want him to suffer, but it’s hard to think about putting him down when he seems back to himself. But what if he crashes and then he is suffering while I try to race him to a vet? There’s no way to know what to do. The Holistic Vet gave me a diet plan and other things to start him on tomorrow that will help him feel better, but wont see the full effects of it right away. I figure as long as he seems to be himself, tail wagging with a good appetite he must be feeling okay. I just worry if something suddenly changes, as the vet said his heart could go anytime.

I’ve been faced with trying to decide when to put elderly pets down before, but it’s so hard when it’s your heart dog. He is everything to me and it’s so hard to accept he will suddenly be gone. I am taking him back to see our regular vet tomorrow to get his opinion and see if there’s anything else to help Kilo stay comfortable in the meantime.

I have been taking lots of photos and videos over the past week, though nothing will ever seem like enough. I haven’t been able to bring myself to edit any, except this one tonight. I was waiting for so long for there to be flowers to get some spring like photos (although the ones on his head are fake shhh) and I always wanted to get a flower crown type photo, so this worked out alright. 

I’ve been lucky to have had an emergency vet fund for Kilo saved up over the years but it’s been stressful since I’m still looking for a job (other than the small jobs I’ve been doing). If anyone wants to help out by purchasing some of Kilo’s prints (either just normal prints, metal, canvas, or on stuff like mugs, keychains, phone cases etc) it would really mean a lot. I’ve tried to keep prices down and I know shipping can add up especially if you’re in Canada like I am (the photo lab is in US) but this is the link if you want to check it out. It’s all going towards his vet bills.

Beautiful sunny day to spend outside and have …

Beautiful sunny day to spend outside and have a bath. This is pre-bath Kilo. He also got a raw beef bone to enjoy. His belly is still distended though not quite as bad as the other day. He seems to be feeling good though, lots of energy and good appetite.


Kilo went for his ECG this morning. Everything looked good, vet said he doesn’t even feel the need to send it to specialist but if Kilo has another lethargic episode I am going to take him in and get it done to see what his heart is doing at that time. Thankfully I won’t have to pay for another if that happens.

Poor Kilo was very stressed at the vet. This was the first time I’ve ever seen him tremble I think. After I took him to one of the pet stores and going across the parking lot he had terrible diarrhea 😵 I felt so bad esp since there was no way to clean it up.

Anyway he goes for his ultrasound next week so hopefully we will know what’s going on the .


Kilo had another episode last night where he was more subdued. That was hours after our short run which he recovered from with no problem. He also had bad diarrhea at the time so he wasn’t himself. He wasn’t lethargic like last week though; when my brother walked in the house he jumped up to his feet and was barking when he heard him drive up. I’d like to hope he was just feeling off from the bad stomach :/

I’ve started keeping track of his resting heart and respiratory rate. It was a bit higher last night at 120/min but today it’s been around 100/min to 112/min. So nothing abnormal. Waiting on getting back to the ultrasound specialist. His respiratory has been in normal ranges.

Anyway we took it easy again today though we went for a short walk in the forest with Lola. Felt bad cause Kilo kept dropping a ball at my feet but I don’t want to overdue it when we don’t know what’s wrong 😭


Kilo has been much more like himself today and yesterday. He seems to have his usual amounts of energy though his belly still looks distended. He sees the vet on Wed